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During the time of our existence, we have shared where our linen comes from and how it’s made in a variety of formats. However, some of you may have missed it in the depths of social media, so we thought we would write it all down in our blog. We will not go into detail on every part of the linen fabric making process. But we will elaborate on how it is generally made in order for you to get an idea of the level of complexity.
Every linen-making process requires the attention of a human, even though machines are involved in every step. They make the work go smoother and more efficiently. But it can’t all be done just by them, especially when it comes to linen colors. There are mixologists who create the desired colors, and this is not an easy task, trust us. For example, if we find a color we like and want to add it to our selection, we send it to the factory. And then it is the mixologist’s task to create the exact shade, which will then be used to dye the linen.
We care deeply about the future of our planet and people’s health. By prioritizing this in our business, we want to leave a positive footprint. So, everything that goes into the final garment is earth and human-friendly. We could talk about how difficult it is to be a small and sustainable business in this competitive industry. But it’s not about that. It’s about educating the community on what it actually takes to make one linen piece that travels the world. It’s about transparency. Making sustainable shopping a thing that doesn’t raise more questions, but provides more answers.

Imagine having to make sure all these threads are woven correctly, and not a single one is missed or in the wrong place. It takes years of practice and tremendous attention to detail. We’ve seen this process not once since we started FLAXHUE,.And we can guarantee that it seems complicated even just by looking at it. Of course, once the linen fabric is woven, dyed, and softened, it has to be double-checked for any errors. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is also done by a human. Every inch of the fabric is checked with two eyes, every single time.

We have only touched the very surface of the whole process. But we hope that this has helped you grasp the idea of our linen journey.