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Ramie Retro Fleece Suit Jacket

Sale price$72.00

This ramie vintage fleece blazer combines the natural texture of ramie with a comfortable fleece lining to provide a stylish and warm option for both formal and casual occasions.
  • Material: 70% ramie 30% cotton
  • Natural Ramie Fabric: Made from high-quality ramie material, known for its strength, durability and breathability.
  • WARM Fleece Lining: This jacket features a soft fleece lining for extra warmth and comfort on colder days.
  • Retro Design: Adopt classic retro style, blending timeless elegance with modern fashion sense.
  • Suitable for every occasion: Ideal for both professional occasions and casual outings, this jacket adds a touch of sophistication and unique style to any wardrobe.

Notice: Sizes run small. Check the size chart before buying to avoid returns.

Ramie Retro Fleece Suit Jacket
Ramie Retro Fleece Suit Jacket Sale price$72.00

Choosing FLAXHUE is choosing a lifestyle that is responsible for the earth. Choosing FLAXHUE is also choosing to respect nature. Our linen garments are produced using environmentally friendly processes that reduce the consumption of natural resources and help protect our planet. Choose linen and let fashion go hand in hand with the health of the earth.

Why Choose FLAXHUE?

Essence of Natural Elegance

FLAXHUE embodies the pursuit of natural beauty and a pure lifestyle. Our brand signifies more than just clothing choices; it represents an attitude towards life that values simplicity, nature, and authenticity. FLAXHUE is committed to providing high-quality linen apparel, enabling wearers to experience the closeness of nature and the comfort of luxury.

Linen: Natural, Breathable, Comfortable

FLAXHUE selects premium quality linen to ensure a natural wearing experience. Revered as the 'noble fiber,' linen is known for its natural breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and skin-friendly texture. Our linen apparel offers lightweight, soft, and comfortable characteristics, making it suitable for various lifestyle settings and perfectly blending fashion with comfort.

Sustainability: Commitment to Continuity

FLAXHUE is dedicated to advancing sustainable practices in the fashion industry. We employ eco-friendly production methods, focusing on the renewability of materials and energy efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

By supporting sustainable agriculture, minimizing waste, and using environmentally friendly packaging, FLAXHUE demonstrates its responsibility towards the planet and future generations. We believe that fashion can be a force for good, driving environmental initiatives forward through responsible actions.

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